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About Me


So how did all this come about? It was my mother's fault. At one month of age, I was peacefully napping in my bassinet. My mother's beloved Siamese, Catherine, decided said bassinet was a fine place to deliver her and Mouse Trap's kittens. Since that fateful afternoon, I've always shared my heart and home with Asian (Thai/Siamese) cats. Throughout college, marriage and motherhood, I maintained my love of cats and quietly held a torch for my dream of breeding pedigreed cats.

In Spring 2002 I dove in head first.  I began my journey into Burmese-dom with a stunning sable show kitten that I named Thistle. The day I brought him home, he changed my life. My 5-year old daughter, Melissa, thought he was adorable and looked somewhat like a Pug. I had never experienced living with a Burmese Cat and was soon to learn about the depths of their affection for humans. After a night or two of Thistle burrowing under my bed covers to sleep curled up next to me, I was in LOVE.  Melissa also took great interest in this little brown cat that would follow her around and play fetch with her.

From that day forward, I never looked back. My Cattery continued to grow and improve along with my knowledge and experience in breeding pure bred cats. I had a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Oregon State University, added knowledge from various Veterinary manuals and combined it all with the love, dedication and decades of 
experience of other breeders before that now we have one happy cat lady doing what she loves, with the greatest of the cat breeds...The American Burmese.

In 2016, I made the jump into working with the Bombay breed as allowed outcross for Burmese in CFA. I acquired my first Bombay stud from my dear friends Troy Weier and Brian Tripp of Rokstarr Bombays. I adore my funny little copper eyed Bombay, Usher, whom I affectionately call "Ooshey". I have also acquired two beautiful Bombay queens named Sia and Marin, of Carney Cats Cattery, thanks to the incredibly generous Roy Carney of Iowa. 


In 2021, I officially retired from my Career as a Respiratory Care Practitioner. Now my focus is on my cats, my health and my daughter.  

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